Produced & Directed by Strings
Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
Lyrics by Adnan Ahmad
Originally composed by Faraz Anwar
A familiar rock-ballad finds a home at Coke Studio, Season 10, as Faiza Mujahid’s electrifying voice is paired with prolific guitarist, Faraz Anwar, in a magical rendition of Pakistan rock anthem, ‘Ujaalon Mein’. Jaffer Zaidi masterfully creates a space that complements and accentuates the simplicity of the melody while staying true to the signature progressive-rock sound that comes with Faraz Anwar’s fiery musical personality to create a powerful rendition of a classic Pakistani rock song.
Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
Aahad Nayani (Drums)
Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar (Bass)
Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
Omran Shafique (Guitars)
Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)
Rachel Viccaji
Shahab Hussain
Natasha Khan
Javed Iqbal (First Violinist)
Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Muhammad
Muhammad Ilyas
Babar Ali
Khawar Hussain
Faraz Anwar (Guitars)

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