Produced & Directed by Strings
Music Directed by Strings
Composed by Strings
Lyrics by Sabir Zafar & Natasha Khan

An innovative original arrangement by Strings, Yo Soch is a song about the coming together of two worlds. Narrated by two beaus, the song draws inspiration from classic jazz and the theatrics of musicals. Embellished with a poignant sitar and a melancholic piccolo, the song stars Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan as they push the boundaries of language, sound and love. Khan’s poised and delicate voice is a perfect combination with Zafar’s emotive vocals make for a beautiful soundscape of the rollercoaster of love, longing and desire.

Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
Aahad Nayani (Drums)
Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar (Bass)
Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
Omran Shafique (Guitars)
Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)

Rachel Viccaji
Shahab Hussain

Javed Iqbal (First Violinist)
Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Muhammad
Muhammad Ilyas
Babar Ali
Khawar Hussain

Amir Azhar (Nylon Guitars)
Sajid Ali (Flute)
Shehroze Hussain (Sitar)
Joshua Keyth Benjamin (Keyboards)

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